Judge Sullivan is unfit to sit on the bench

In its editorial on Nov. 17, The Leader-Herald had praise for one Judge Emmettt Sullivan, who is a U.S. District Court Judge in Washington, D.C., and stated that Sullivan “had ordered that USPS inspector sweep postal facilities to discover mailed-in ballots that had not been delivered in a timely manner.

Notwithstanding that there has been a tremendous controversy about the potential and actual fraud linked to mail-in ballots, there is no controversy that Sullivan is a rogue judge.

In the case of General Michael Flynn which is being heard in Sullivan’s court, where the justice department decided to drop its prosecution of Flynn, Sullivan “appointed former prosecutor and judge John Gleeson to oppose DOJ’s effort to drop the case and essentially represent DOJ’s former view of the case” (see https://www.forbes.com/sites/markchenoweth/2020/05/14/judge-sullivan-disregards-two-controlling-precedents-by-appointing-amicus-in-flynn-case/). Such an action in a criminal case is unheard of. Sullivan’s action invites biased parties who have no standing, to intervene in a criminal case and in a court which is supposed to render impartial justice.

So Sullivan has violated the Constitution’s Separation of Powers Doctrine, and arguably Flynn’s 5th Amendment due process rights, in doing so.

In a 9-0 decision authored by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg one week before Sullivan’s action to permit Gleeson’s amicus brief, judges were taken to task for similar amicus antics (loc. cit. Forbes). Moreover, a tribunal of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, voting 2-1, has ordered Flynn to drop the case but Sullivan has appealed to have the entire court reconsider Flynn’s appeal to dismiss the case. Sullivan is not pursuing justice — he is clearly pursuing a vendetta. As further evidence of his vendetta Sullivan is defying a standing court order to dismiss the Flynn case; this is grounds for impeachment and removal.

Judge Sullivan is clearly unfit to sit on the bench and any of his rulings are questionably tainted by his recalcitrant behavior.





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