Even if your candidate lost, democracy won

We just completed an especially challenging and historic election process. Amid a global pandemic and fears of violence in the streets, we remained calm and voted in record numbers. Civil servants and volunteers worked diligently over long hours to count legitimately cast votes. It took several days to get a result. Now I have a question. Do you love democracy, even when it produces a result that you did not want?

In Fulton County about 70 percent of voters wanted Donald Trump to triumph. While Joe Biden won the popular vote, the Electoral College came down to narrow margins in a few states. Four years ago we had a very close but fair election. Donald Trump won. This year was just as close. Trump lost. Almost everyone who cares was deeply disappointed by one of these results. That’s our democracy.

You may be thinking “What about the massive election fraud?” The answer: There is no evidence. Trump and his allies can say whatever they want in front of a microphone or on Twitter. A court of law is another story. You may not have noticed but all the fraud claims the Trump’s allies have made suddenly disappear when they are in front of a judge. Lies in that setting have consequences. If you believe unquestioningly in these fraud claims you may be living in an information bubble. Further, you might believe these claims because you want them to be true. Loss can be hard to accept.

Trump has spent recent days trying to pressure a handful of Republican officials in Michigan into tossing aside the 5.5 million votes cast in that state’s election. Trump also had hopes of throwing out the nearly 7 million votes cast in Pennsylvania. I am grateful that local officials put country first, upheld their duties and upheld our democracy. But please think about the actions of our current president in this process. He promotes claims of massive voter fraud that lack any substance and attempts to have millions of legitimate votes cast aside because they went against him. If this is not an attempt to undermine democracy, I don’t know what is.

You can love and defend our democracy. You can love and defend Donald Trump. You can’t do both. Trump tried to cast democracy aside to keep himself in power. Here’s the good news: Even if your candidate lost, democracy won.




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