We have a choice, vote for Democracy, vote for Tedra

lise Stefanik’s favorite nick name for Tedra Cobb is “Taxin’ Tedra.” She claims that Tedra voted to raise taxes 20 times. Lets look at the facts.

1. Tedra served on the St. Lawrence County Board of Supervisors for eight years, 2002-2010. During Tedra’s last four years the county tax was lowered by 2.72 percent.

2. The Post Star reports that only three of Tedra’s votes qualify as tax increases. Two of these were simply increases in filing fees and the third was a expansion of the county’s bed tax for hotels and motels.

3. One of the unanimous bi-partisan votes was to ask New York state for permission to pass a mortgage tax of 0.75 percent. This is among the lowest county mortgage tax in New York state. Fulton County mortgage tax is one percent. Warren County mortgage tax is 1.25 percent.

4. St. Lawrence County voted in 2013, to increase the sales tax by one percent. Tedra left the board in 2010. Stefanik’s claim that Tedra taxing everything from “candy to water to gas” was a lie. However in 2004, Tedra and all Democrats and Republicans voted to authorize a county sales tax increase if needed in the future. That increase happened in 2013.

Elise Stefanik did not live in the 21st Congressional district until 2019. Up until that time she used her parents summer home address in Willsboro, to claim residency and as her mailing address. She finally bought a home in Schuylerville near Saratoga.

As far as raising taxes — in 2019, Stefanik voted to spend our tax dollars to fund a lawsuit that would take protections for pre-existing conditions away from all the people in our district. She raised our taxes to take away our health care protections.

In 2012, Elise Stefanik wrote the GOP plan to take away our Social Security that we have been paying into our whole lives to give it to Wall Street to gamble with. She also voted to privatize Medicare which we have also been paying into our whole lives.

We have a choice. Vote for Tedra Cobb. She will fight for our health care protections. She will not lie to us.

Vote like Democracy depends on it, because it does.




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