These liberal tears have dried up

This “everyone has to be nice to Trump now that he’s sick or you’re just as bad as him” shtick has to be one of the biggest gaslighting operations in American history.

I didn’t give the man COVID. In fact, I socially distanced and wore a mask when I couldn’t to help keep him and others safe. I chose to align myself with scientific observance to contribute in creating a healthier public of which the president and all his men live. I did everything I could to prevent someone from being infected due to my negligence. I didn’t want to sacrifice the weak and elderly for stock market gains. The same cannot be said about a man now spending time in a military hospital. We are not the same.

God himself shows no eternal mercy to those who don’t ask forgiveness for their most mortal sins. Neither do I. When this man shows basic remorse for creating an infectious environment or even an inkling of emotion or compassionate acknowledgement for the 200,000 dead and 7 million infected of which he bares ample complicity and responsibility — not to mention the indifference shown to refugees, migrants, poor, gun violence and brutality victims, LGBTQ, sexual assault victims — I’ll change my tune.

You’re a Republican wanting civility, empathy, and bipartisanship? That’s nice, but convenient. You’re late to the party, don’t you think? These liberal tears have dried. Sooner rather than later, you’re going to have to learn, you only get what you give.




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