The goals of Republican lawmakers

The Republican vision for our future is a dystopian nightmare in which corporations and the rich and powerful rule the country. The gap between the top one percent and the rest of the country is growing, with more and more people living on the edge. The rich and corporations gained the most from the Trump tax law, especially real estate developers (like Trump). They are using their money to buy politicians to shape the government to their advantage. This damage is being done daily, quietly while the country’s attention is elsewhere. The following are just a few of the Republican goals:

Gut/eliminate social security (under Trump will be bankrupt by 2023)

Gut/eliminate medicare (included in 2021 budget)

Gut/eliminate medicaid (new regulations planned)

Gut/eliminate food stamp program (already being done)

Gut/eliminate Obamacare (Trump’s DOJ lawsuit to eliminate preexisting conditions will be before Supreme Court the week after the election). This action is taking place during a pandemic where people, especially the unemployed, need this healthcare more than ever.

Gut/eliminate clean air/clean water regulations. Do you fish? Do you breathe the air in the North Country? Coal fired power plants in the midwest are polluting our water and air again.

Gut/eliminate workers’ protections, making the workplace a more deadly place. Republicans tried to make corporations exempt from lawsuits by workers, customers, or others who become ill or die from COVID.

Gut/eliminate individual rights by curtailing past progress. By making the courts reflect the most narrow interpretation of rights, most are left behind.

Weaken public schools by using taxpayer money to fund private schools, which will short change programs for the majority.

Republicans are aiming at your most basic rights as a taxpayer and/or worker. Republicans are coming for the safety net programs that protect the most vulnerable among us. Do not listen to Republican’s empty words or promises. Instead, watch what Republicans are doing.



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