Smullen shows leadership and should be re-elected

Throughout his first term as 118th District Assemblyman, retired U.S. Marine Colonel Robert Smullen continually demonstrated his belief that a primary characteristic of military leadership — consistency — should also be practiced by legislators.

The goals guiding his political belief system are lowering taxes, limiting regulations, and protecting individual liberties.

He strongly advocates reversing liberal bail reforms inhibiting judges’ powers. He supports “Back the Blue” initiatives to strengthen police and opposes progressive ideologies weakening the rule of law.

Assemblyman Smullen has great concern for small business survival, supports legislative efforts returning them to financial health in post-pandemic economy, and is the prime sponsor of the “Jump Start New York” Plan to do so. He recognizes the number one economic driver in upstate New York is agribusiness, dairying, lumbering, market crops etc., and supports initiatives assisting farms to provide food on our tables.

He also works to promote communications equality by eliminating broadband and cell phone network isolation pockets.

As a Marine Colonel, he was a leader, not a follower. As our 118th District Assemblyman, he will continue providing strong support for our interests in Albany. He should be re-elected.


Fort Johnson


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