Lisa Wallace is the person for Perth town justice

On Nov. 3, the voters of the town of Perth will have the opportunity to elect a new town justice. So, what are the qualities a town justice should have?

A town justice should want to help people and the community. They should be a good listener and be able to apply a combination of common sense and state provided town justice training to situations that come before them. They should know the families and the culture of the community, so they can apply the law fairly without prejudice.

A town justice should view each case before them as new and unique so that their decision is made on the facts of the case, not on what was done on similar cases. Finally, when they must impose a sentence, the decision should be made with consideration as to what penalty will have the desired effect on the individual. The penalty should consider the individual’s specific situation.

Lisa Wallace is the candidate who possesses these qualities. The Perth Republican Party chose Lisa after the interview process as the most qualified candidate. Along with the Republican party she was also chosen by the Conservative Party. Senator James Tedisco and Assemblyman Robert Smullen have also endorsed Lisa as the most qualified candidate. Lisa has been a resident of Perth her entire life. She has been active in the community, both in the school and in the town youth programs. She knows and understands the community and its families.

I ask for your vote for Lisa Wallace on Nov. 3. You will find her name on both the Republican and Conservative line — Row B and Row C.




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