Join me in voting down the Water Board resolution

In 2015 city of Johnstown voters rejected an attempt to abolish the Water Board and eliminate Article 6 of the City Charter. City officials took the loss as if they had won. I had a ringside seat to the Jackson circus and it wasn’t pretty. Barely competent, no leadership, nepotism and the right hand rarely knew what the left hand was doing. They blocked and obstructed the work of the Water Board.

On Saturday mornings, on Talk of the Town show, when asked why the Water Board should be abolished, Jackson said because the city treasurer Mike Gifford thinks it should be. Not actually a convincing reason especially after a published article where Gifford is quoted as saying “I don’t know if it will hold up to a legal challenge,” and “I’m going to do it,” when asked why he took the Water Board’s two financial accounts. Makes one wonder what other potentially illegal activities is he involved in?

I could go on and on but it won’t settle the problem. Instead I have a solution — when the referendum is defeated again — meaning a no vote.

The board should:

— Hire an attorney.

— Rehire Dale Trumbull, something Article 6 gives them the authority to do that.

— Acquire tax ID number, checking and savings accounts.

— Have a judge re-issue titles of the Water Department building and all the equipment and vehicles purchased with water rents to the Water Board. Water rents are not taxes. Water is a public utility. Water is a business.

Johnstown would be wise to model their “business” after Gloversville Water.

Gloversville is a well polished professional business. This solution would benefit Johnstown water users with lower prices for quality water. The water rents would solely be used for water issues.

Join me in voting no.




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