I urge all my Republican friends to vote for Cobb

Many of you have seen my recent video supporting Tedra Cobb: “I spent nearly 30 years on the bench, and have been a Republican even longer.” Those of you who know me know that I fully believe in what I say.

I have spent hours now talking personally with Tedra, and I trust her. She cares deeply for the welfare of the North Country, and she has the personal qualities and virtues that we need in a representative. I won’t always agree with her policies, but her character tells me she will always be operating on values and interests I respect.

I don’t know Elise Stefanik personally. When I have written her about my deep concerns, her responses have troubled me for their evasiveness and double-talk. But worse is her willingness to tie herself to a president so tightly that she no longer can act responsibly when that president needs to be called out. We need a voice in Washington to stand up when the president does nothing about Russian bounties on our honored military, and even slanders our own forces. Or when he goes into the Supreme Court to ask that the health care of millions be taken away during a pandemic, erasing protections for pre-existing conditions. Or when he attempts to undermine the post office upon which our rural district depends. Or when he undercuts the Census by shutting down the counting early, even though our district would be devastated as a result. Did Elise Stefanik’s “independence” evaporate?

This is a time in our nation that calls for true character. I fully trust Tedra Cobb, and urge all my Republican friends to look deeply into their souls when they make this choice, because as all true conservatives know, character counts.

Thank you, and please vote!




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