Has Stefanik ghosted Donald Trump

The final phase of Trump’s presidential campaign devolved into an embarrassing mix of white supremacy, crazed conspiracies, illegal advice to vote twice, denial of American coronavirus deaths, and the labeling of killed and wounded military as “suckers and losers.” Elsie Stefanik has backed away from the president she embraced so fondly just a few short months ago. In my last letter, I called Stefanik a sycophant. Somehow my words became Stefanik was a psychopath. The paper corrected the misprint a few days later, but the damage was done. A few of my friends stopped speaking to me. Now, in the final phase of the election, it seemed as if Stefanik ghosted Trump.

When one goes to Stefanik’s website now, Trump’s goals were noticeably absent. There was nothing about ending environmental protections. Nothing about terminating Obamacare or social security disability programs. Nothing about controlling the coronavirus or the imminent arrival of a silver-bullet vaccine. Nothing about racial equality or helping people who might become permanently unemployed. Her opponent, Tedra Cobb, has campaigned in support of all those issues. If we did not know any better, we might think that Stefanik was a Rockefeller Republican.

In my last letter, I called Stefanik the Vanna White of politics. She smiles, vote as ordered, and then act like she performed a miracle. It appears that being a public Trump sycophant did not work out well for her. Yet, Stefanik continued to lie about her opponent Tedra Cobb.

Stefanik’s whole campaign, and her history as a congressional representative, is based on lies. Starting from her claims that she is a moderate Republican, the lies are now too numerous to count. She finally reportedly bought a house in the district, just a few weeks before the election. And, in fairness, she hands out Trump lawn signs to the faithful.

In the meantime, President Super-Spreader, the most protected person on earth, got the coronavirus, either by willful ignorance or sociopathic apathy. Stefanik’s blindness to Trump’s omnipresent chaos is appalling and should disqualify her for the job by itself. No matter what she pretends to be, her actions belie her words. It is time to give Trump’s Vanna White a career in the private sector. So, I am voting for Tedra Cobb.




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