Brandon Lyon is not in touch with water board facts

This is in response to Mr. Brandon Lyon’s letter to the editor dated Sept. 10, titled, “We are trying to do our job, without cooperation.”

Never before have I read an opinion by someone so not in touch with the facts. However, he is in touch with complete fabrications, misinformation and immaturity.

It is telling to note that Mr. Lyon did not mention the following: The non-repair of two critical gate valves in the Cork Center reservoir; the non-repair of an 1894 Gate House also at Cork Center; not addressing or replacing critical sand filtration systems; not planning ahead to train future operators to run our water systems; doing nothing to resolve a hostile work environment causing 12 water department employees to quit; doing nothing to prevent your own water board members from fleeing the board after short tenures; not finding an “undiscovered” purified water leak that lost our city between 93 and 150 million gallons of water; not explaining how the Water Board accumulated a large cash fund balance. Per the City Charter, the Water Board cannot make a profit so, in my opinion, they’ve been overcharging the public?

Unfortunately, this list of incompetency and neglect goes on and on. For a much more detailed list of Water Department misdeeds, please visit the city of Johnstown website.

Again, I strongly urge the people of our city to vote yes on local law one on Nov. 3, to abolish the city of Johnstown Water Board.


Council member-at-large



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