An open letter to the residents of Montgomery County

On Nov. 3, we have a very important election of the office of District Attorney. I am supporting Lorraine Diamond for several reasons. I may have retired 11 years ago but I am still involved in the community and with the police officers throughout the area. I hear the problems that they run into working with the current DA. A recently retired Sr. Investigator with the state police claimed that, “the current DA was one of the worst he has ever worked for.” Retired Chief of the Amsterdam Police Gregory Culick stated that,” he saw the problems that his investigators and officers had working with the current DA.” Recently there was a major case in Amsterdam and when the investigators tried to contact the DA in the middle of the night she was nowhere to be found. I spent 32 years working for three different District Attorneys, they were three of the best. It started with Howard Aison, then Guy Tomlinson and ended with Jed Conboy. The current DA couldn’t hold a candle to anyone of those individuals. Lorraine Diamond will make herself accessible to all agencies 24/7 and if she isn’t available the investigator will know who to call to get answers. Lorraine has the backing of every police organization that represents police officers and correction officers. This did not come by happenstance. It came with careful consideration and each organization doing their due diligence. Support Lorraine Diamond for DA.


Ret. Det. Lt. Amsterdam Police

Town of Amsterdam Supervisor


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