Your vote is precious, the most powerful change agent

Your vote is precious. It is what separates our democracy from an autocracy/dictatorship because, as John Lewis said, “The vote is the most powerful non-violent change agent you have in a democratic society. You must use it because it is not guaranteed. You can lose it.” Your vote is under attack. Powerful forces are trying to suppress your vote.

Trump is sabotaging the postal service to suppress safe mail-in-voting during the pandemic.

Stefanik remains silent in the face of a postal slowdown while representing a largely rural district. Voting in favor of a bill to fund the USPS which she knows will neither be voted on in the Senate nor signed by Trump is inadequate. To truly represent her constituents, she must confront Trump about his abuse of power that endangers your vote and the very health and well-being of every voter in District NY21.

Tedisco and Smullen consistently vote against any legislation that makes voting easier or safer.

Voting should be easy. Making voting difficult is used as a way to suppress the vote. What do all these vote suppressing politicians have in common?

They are all Republicans.

It is time to carefully consider how to cast your vote for public office because with Republicans in charge it might be the last vote you get to cast.




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