We are trying to do our job, without cooperation

The Johnstown Water Board is an independently elected board to oversee the Water Department, it’s employees, and the day to day procedures

Every time we are made aware of a leak, whether by an employee, or a call from rate payers, it is attended to immediately.

We have put together numerous items such as yearly budgets and capital projects in need of bonding but have been ignored by the city treasurer who has refused to return phone calls or meet with any of us in person for over a year.

Our tri-partisan board has managed to work together harmoniously while at the same time keeping everything open to the public. Even holding a meeting outside on the sidewalk in the snow after the we were escorted out of our own building.

And when vacancies have arisen, we have conducted the interviews ourselves and they are open to any resident of Johnstown, not just one person that was selected in a secret meeting closed to the public run by party bosses, as the council recently did.

We hired a water superintendent which was one of the recommendations by the grand jury, but due to a misrepresentation of the city charter he was improperly terminated and escorted from the building by police officers.

We have not raised rates and have issued the city the necessary checks for sewer rents which have gone uncashed for over six months, and for years both the board and water clerk have been frozen out of any access to our account records which are needed to maintain our books.

We are an all-volunteer board and are the only elected city officials to receive no salary, stipend, medical benefits, or retirement. We are not funded through taxes but only through water rents

The voters told you loud and clear that they want an independent water board in 2015 and if you waste residents time and money again, they will assuredly return the same mandate.

The duplicitous and cowardly mayor and city treasurer are both up for election next year. I implore anyone to challenge them, either through a primary, as an independent, or from another party, such as the Libertarian party

Water Board member and Fulton County Libertarian Member Chairman




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