Vote against the resolution to abolish the Water Board

Dear city of Johnstown voters:

In 2015, city voters, by a wide margin, 817 to 583, voted against a Charter Revision to eliminate the city of Johnstown Water Board.

The voters knew then that a separately elected Water Board is the best way to maintain the quality of the city’s water system. Water rents administered by the Water Board are used solely to maintain and improve the city’s water system. What will Mayor Jackson and the City Council do with your water rents? Why are the mayor and city treasure now attempting to take control of the Water Board’s bank accounts? Keep in mind that your city of Johnstown taxes have risen every year in the last five years. There have been no increases in your water rents in the last five years. Keep your Independent Water Board intact. On Oct. 3, vote to keep your independent Water Board in Johnstown.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concern (518) 844-5197 Michael Capparello, president of the Johnstown Water Board.




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