Trump doesn’t care about you, he just cares if he gets elected

I wonder how all you Republicans feel now that you know that Trump lied to you and to all Americans. He knew as early as January how bad the COVID virus was, that it was way worse than the flu, that it was passed through the air.

Don’t you think that if he had told the people that they would have been better prepared for it. And he could have gotten together with all 50 governors and the leading scientists and formulated a national plan to battle COVID.

There can be no doubt that his lack of action has cost many lives. He continues to lie about the virus, while the total number of people who have died nearly 190,000 and will probably be 250,000 or more by Nov. 3.

He is now having indoor rallies with few people wearing masks or social distancing, even though he knows some of his own supporters will get COVID and some may die. However he doesn’t care how many die as long as he gets re-elected. He cares only about himself.

God help the United States of America.




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