To support Elise Stefanik requires mindless partisanship

Representative Stefanik was interviewed by a reporter from WAMC Northeast Public Radio on August 26th about her upcoming address to the Republican National Convention. The interview was not hard hitting, the reporter was just asking how she felt about her opportunity to address a national audience later that evening. Without being asked, she offered her opinion on the relative success of the Republican convention as compared to the failure of the Democratic convention held the previous week. I found her comment to be both snarky and inaccurate. The average nightly viewership of the Democratic National Convention was 21.6 million. While the average for the Republican’s was 19.4 million. The polling since the conventions were held indicated increased favorability for Biden over Trump.

Tedra Cobb, served on the St Lawrence County Legislature from 2002 to 2010; during which time she may have supported legislation which impacted local property or sales tax, but had no impact on income tax. County sales tax in St Lawrence County is 4 percent, the same as Fulton County. She hasn’t held public office since then. The sophomoric moniker “Taxin’ Tedra” doesn’t fit her legislative record. It has no basis in fact.

Stefanik’s political ad tries to smear candidate Cobb with Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes in upstate New York. Cobb does not currently hold public office. She could not have any possible impact on Covid-19 policy. Stefanik is the incumbent Representative for the 21st Congressional District. It’s Stefanik that has responsibility for supporting the feckless Covid policy of the current administration. Adding to the absurdity of the TV ad, Stefanik ends the spot surrounded by smiling senior citizens, all crowded together, no one wearing a mask, while she happily “approves this message”. It’s as if there is no deadly virus, spread through the air, which disproportionately kills senior citizens.

What should trouble us about Representative Stefanik is her eagerness in insulting our intelligence. She speaks as someone who is confident that nobody would bother checking the readily available facts. Continuing to support her requires mindless partisanship.

Francis Caraco



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