There is not be a ‘left’ or ‘right’ on the election ballot

The United States has been able to exist and develop and grown for 244 years because we have been able to talk to each other and have been taught to respect each other. This comes, I believe, from two documents, the U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible. You can argue with that only because of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives you those rights, but that is where I stand.

The First Amendment (and the whole Constitution) is under attack, at this time, by the political elite or leadership as they “restrict the exercise thereof” of religion. Governors have closed churches, synagogues and temples. The reason? Oh, they had one, (be it constitutional or not) but it was still done. And thus, the next time the leaders want to restrict our rights, they will feel they can. Also, the people we voted into office are “abridging the freedom of speech” and the “right of the people peaceable to assembly.” Though they are letting violent people form up groups and mobs to destroy other people’s property and public property.

I just watched a video on YouTube where the people were able to resist being overcome because they stopped some bad people being voted into office and were able to defend themselves with guns. According laws they were living by at the time of the video story). The 2020 elections are going to be a time we the people are going to vote in our leaders. Will these leaders work for the people or for the control of the people? Will we be a free people or controlled by the government? Which is more important, more valuable to you? Your decision to be safe and keep your distance at worship or be forbidden to even attend your worship? (First Amendment).

One last thought. Why don’t we and the news media stop using the words “right” and “left?” When I fill out my ballot to vote, I won’t see “right or left” on the ballot. I will see Republican and Democrat. So let us call the positions and proposals of politics Republican or Democratic now, during the campaign.

Some things to think about — and for now, talk about. And listen to yourself and the other person.




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