The Perth GOP endorses Lisa Wallace for town justice

Leader Herald readers traveling along routes 29 and 30, or over any highway within the town of Perth these days have no doubt noticed there is a local political contest brewing for the vacant Perth Town Justice seat. The contestants are Ms. Lisa Wallace and Ms. Trista Gordon.

As a member of the Perth Republican Committee, I participated when both were interviewed in seeking our town’s Republican endorsement. After due consideration, our members unanimously endorsed Lisa Wallace as our Republican Party candidate. She has subsequently also been endorsed by the Conservative Party. Thus her name will appear on Nov. 3 under both party lines.

Ms. Wallace is a life-long Perth resident, possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and will shortly complete a Masters in Education, while at the same time serving as a wife, mother of three, and for the past eight years, the director of our very successful summertime Perth Youth Commission program. As such, she has demonstrated considerable expertise and wisdom in planning and executing a varied program of youth activities and has also demonstrated considerable people-relayed skills in handling the inevitable ‘bumps in the road’ that arise when dealing with many sets of children and parents.

In the announcement of her candidacy, Ms. Wallace, who has been observing weekly court procedures for some time, states that this activity has given her “the confidence to be committed, compassionate, fair and to handle each situation with integrity.”

It is the belief of the town of Perth Republican Committee that Ms. Wallace possesses the wisdom, intelligence, patience, and perhaps equally important, humility, to become a highly competent town judge. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have endorsed her.


Perth Town Councilman


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