The Lexington employees and staff are real heroes

During this time when we have been recognizing community heroes and hometown heroes, I cannot just recognize one person. Instead I look at a very important group of people that I would like to recognize. These people happen to be the Lexington employees and staff.

These people are important to me as they have kept my daughter safe and happy during this unpresented time. I was unable to see my daughter for a while which was a switch from seeing her every weekend. I did not know how my daughter was going to be not being able to see me but she did fine because her staff kept her busy and entertained. The staff had to come up with different routines and clever ways to keep our children busy and happy. As a result of all of this, the girls in the house have grown closer with each other and their staff. I cannot thank the staff enough for watching over my daughter and all of her friends at Lexington.

I also would like to praise another agency that I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know and that is the people that drive Access vans. These people have been a pleasure to get to know and they have been very kind to my mom as we utilize their services.

Please continue to see all of the people in our community that are doing good for others and may we do good for one another also.




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