The Census count is important to our county

Fulton County administrative officer Jon Stead graciously replied to a question: What is the monetary value over a decade for each citizen? I was concerned because, so far, the county has not been fully counted and the Census Bureau declared it will close before schedule.

Unfortunately, the county cannot put numbers to this question. “Although many federal and formulas are governed by population,” Stead wrote, “not all are.”

Worse, “virtually all federal revenue sharing is distributed first to the state, who then re-distributes it using its own administrators formulas.” The latter include those for “counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts.” Some are based on “poverty, Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, miles of highway, school enrollment.”

Stead said the county is active encouraging all to fill out the forms.

I think there is nothing more important facing the county, now that the COVID-19 epidemic seems under control, than a full census count. Stead asks volunteers to “spread the word to friends.

I’m sure we would go door-to-door if he asked us.




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