President Trump, supporters don’t deserve support

Definitions Webster’s Dictionary: Treason — “The betrayal of a trust;” Traitor — “One who betrays another’s trust.”

Earlier in this COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump declared the virus was a “hoax” and would magically disappear. Because of this, people ignored it, and many have died who might have lived had they listened to science. This is a betrayal of the public trust — that trust which we put in our president to do what is best for “We the people.” Trump does what is best for himself and a handful of corporations and rich white men. As a Republican, I am horrified.

Anthropology text-Hoebel: “Law exists to channel behavior so that conflicts of interest do not result in an overt clash. Of course, it is unfortunately true that tyrants, usurpers, and pettifoggers can, and do, pervert the ends of the law to their own designs without regard to social interests or prevailing standards of what is right.” Like gagging the CDC or blaming “Black Lives Matter” for violence, when his own white supremacy gives tacit permission for violence against minorities.

Do not vote for this proven traitor, tyrant, usurper and pettifogger, nor for those who support him.




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