Open motorsports to the fans again

Open motorsports to the fans again

I am writing to respectfully request your support for the New York Motorsports Coalition, a group comprised of racing facilities in New York, along with racing related businesses and professionals, and their three-step plan to allow motorsports to safely resume with spectators.

Under New York’s current reopening plan, racetracks must remain closed to fans. As a result, New Yorkers must travel to neighboring states in order to enjoy racing, resulting in lost revenue for racetracks within the state.

New York has a rich motorsports tradition and is home to over 60 racetracks and the businesses and enthusiasts that support them. The safe resumption of racing would provide desperately needed economic stimulus to New York and a morale boost to its residents. Most of New York’s racetracks are small businesses that do not have television revenue to fall back on. With the racing season rapidly ending, time is of the essence.

If casinos and shopping malls — indoor venues — can safely reopen to limited customers, so too can racetracks, which are large outdoor venues.




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