Lyon misled the public about the Water Board

This letter is in response to Water Board member [Brandon] Lyon’s letter to the editor dated Sept. 6.

Mr. Lyon’s comments regarding the yearly budgets and capital projects being ignored is totally false. For 2020, the city treasurer had to prepare a water department budget as they failed to meet the deadline as prescribed in the city charter. As for bond issues, they failed to provide complete financial information which is needed in any bond application.

Mr. Lyon’s comment that the treasurer has refused to meet or return phone calls begs the question to him: How many times since you have been on the board have you reached out to Mr. Gifford to discuss anything?

The answer is never.

Mr. Lyon’s comment regarding “having to meet in the snow” is once again, not the full story. He fails to mention that their meeting was held after a state of emergency was declared and all city buildings were closed per the governor’s directive. They were not “escorted out of the building” as the building was locked. They were well aware of this beforehand as I held a meeting with all department heads and water board members to go over our plans during the emergency. Mr. Lyon was not in attendance at that meeting.

Regarding the hiring of a water superintendent — there was no money budgeted for the position in 2020. The suggestion that we utilize the city engineer’s office instead of spending $100,000 or more was totally ignored. Mr. Trumball was escorted from the building by me. A police officer was present, but only as a witness.

Mr. Lyon continuing the not provide all the facts is very frustrating and I’m sure clouds the issues in the public’s eyes. Also as evidenced by his name calling — cowardly and duplicitous — he has once again demonstrated a child-like behavior, which is embarrassing for a sitting board member.


Johnstown Mayor


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