It is time to reward our veterans

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been much discussion about those who serve the public as “essential.” High praise should go to those who have sacrificed (some ultimately) to serve the public in this time of need.

Since the birth of our great nation, there are also those who have given service to America, some voluntarily and some through military draft. It’s time to reward them through school tax reductions.

According to bill S.1724/ A.5135, the governor authorized school districts to give school tax exemptions to veterans based on the same criteria given to them for property taxes.

This bill (S.1724/ A.5135) would extend the veteran’s property tax exemption to include school taxes in New York state. Currently, state property tax laws provide partial property tax exemptions to qualified veterans of the United States military, however, this exemption does not apply to school taxes. In 2013, and 2016, the alternative veteran’s property tax exemption and Cold War property tax exemption were amended to give school districts the options of allowing the exemption. With this legislation, all three veteran’s property tax exemptions would be consistent and apply to school taxes.

It is important to note that our military has provided protection for our citizens 24/7 for centuries. It is time to act to reward them for their service to America.




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