If you want honesty from your representative, vote Tedra

I didn’t need Bob Woodward to tell me when the POTUS knew about the COVID-19 virus. He and president Xi Jumping are friends and the POTUS has said that many times. He knew in November, December, January, February and he knew in March when he was saying that the virus was a hoax made up by the Democrats to hurt his chance of re-election. The POTUS was more concerned with what would happen to the fantastic economy. The fantastic economy that wasn’t his to begin with. Any president who took office in 2016 was going to inherit a strong growing economy because of the steps that were taken between 2008 and 2016. Donald Trump did nothing to help the economy that he kept claiming was his. Rather he dropped all protections of our air and water to help his gas and oil donors. Donald Trump said over and over that closing our country to China was one of his “concise actions” that saved millions of lives? 40,000 Chinese nationals entered the country after the U.S. was “closed” to China. Donald Trump was not the only person in his administration that knew about the virus. They all knew and because of their cult like admiration of the POTUS they told no one. Mitch Mcconnell, Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grasley and, yes, even Elise Stefanik knew long before the American people knew. Like I knew about the virus once the POTUS used the “hoax” word so did Congresswoman Stefanik. This secrecy has killed thousands of Americans. It never had to be this bad. I also know that we need a representative who will be honest with her constituents. We have a choice this November If you want honesty from your representative, if you want to start to put COVID-19 behind us, to safely sends our children and teachers back to school vote for Tedra Cobb

A representative who grew up in and still lives in our community. A representative who will work hard for lowering prescription drug costs and will do everything that needs to be done to give our health care workers everything they need to help us get us through the COVID-19 crisis. Tedra Cobb is who we need in 2021 and beyond. Vote.




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