Elise Stefanik on ‘Socialism’

As we near the November election we have seen more and more negative political advertisements from Elise Stefanik. She has constantly claimed that her opponent, Tedra Cobb, is a “socialist.” I am guessing because Ms. Cobb supports heath care reforms, Social Security and Medicare. I am not certain Ms. Stefanik understands socialism or has forgot that the government farm subsidies she has supported and “bragged” about are the purest form of socialism we can witness. In fact, in 2018 NY21’s four most northern counties receive over $5.4 million in dairy subsides.

Whether you agree with “farm subsidies” or not, government financial support of private business is the essences of socialism and I assure you Ms. Stefanik knows this.

Remember Social Security, Medicare, and expanded government health care require participants to financially contribute. Farm subsidies do no. Farmers either sell their products to the government, (products the government doesn’t need [to]); or they just get a stipend.

So the next time you hear Ms. Stefanik “brag” about dairy and farm subsidies, remember her comments on socialism. She supports the government giving money to private companies, but not human services like Social Security, Medicare, or expanded health care that benefit the vast majority of her constituents.




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