The Democrats were disgraceful

If anyone watched the House Congressional Judiciary Committee hearing with Bill Barr, the attorney general of the United States, you probably were appalled by the behavior of the Democratic committee chairman/members. If you were not appalled, you should have been. Congressional hearings are intended to investigate an issue, air both sides by questioning and listening to the responses so that conclusions can be drawn.

The long-delayed hearing was held in late July. After watching nearly all five hours of it, I must conclude the performance by Democratic committee members was disgraceful.

I should have turned it off after one hour, but did not as I thought this behavior could not possibly continue. Unfortunately, it did.

The clearly planned and rehearsed Democratic hearing strategy was for each member during their allotted time to make negative political assertions and then not allow AG Barr to respond. If AG Barr tried to respond, the Democratic member rudely interrupted every time by proclaiming “reclaiming my time,” whatever that means. Several times Democratic members sternly and rudely rebuked the AG stating “this is my time and I control it”! Clearly Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, controls each Democratic member.

The Republican ranking member often appealed to let AG Barr respond to the questions. At one point Chairman stated rudely “what you want is irrelevant” and continued on.

Attorney generals or any other person testifying before the Congress must not be treated in this disrespectful manner. We must not send anymore Democrat candidates to Washington to be puppets for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The American people deserve better.




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