Stefanik has done nothing to help us; vote for Tedra Cobb

The following are several issues that our NY21 member of Congress has said nothing about or has supported Donald Trump.

1. Trump took billions of dollars out of the defense budget to build his wall, while many of our military are living in substandard housing. The court ruled this was illegal, but Trump had already spent the money, so much for supporting our troops.

2. The United States has about five percent of the worlds population, but has about 25 percent of the virus cases and deaths. She still thinks Trump has done a good job fighting the virus.

3. She has not said anything about Trumps new postmaster general, who is slowing down mail delivery before the election while Trump is saying there will be massive fraud, because of voting by mail. At the same time he is talking about privatizing mail delivery.

4. She has voted to eliminate the affordable care at and Trump has asked the Supreme to throw it out when it would cost 20 million people to lose health insurance in the middle of a pandemic.

5. Trump is trying to eliminate the payroll tax which funds Social Security. This goes along with Trump’s idea to cut back Social Security, Medicare and other services. NY 21 and our country would be better off with a new member of Congress. Vote for Tedra Cobb a long time resident of New York’s north country.




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