Stefanik has done little for Johnstown-Gloversville area

I recently read a letter to the editor from Jon Stead on the qualities of Elise Stefanik. I would point out that Mr. Stead may have political motive for writing this letter.

More importantly I would remind all how little Ms. Stefanik has done for the Gloversville and Johnstown area.

Instead of helping our community deal with polluted broken down factories urging help from the EPA. She has been busy supporting a president who has been cutting funding for the EPA. While not speaking out against those EPA cuts. Instead of looking at the county airport for economic development, Ms. Stefanik as well as the Fulton County Board have remained idle in obtaining FAA assistance for economic expansion.

The real issue of course is honesty and motive. Tedra Cobb is an honest hard working person who has fought in her local community for issues that are important to her community. Ms. Stefanik is a carpetbagger who’s only interest in NY21 is political gain and her efforts to help our community are minimal at best.




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