Stefanik enables the president to do so many wrong things

The upcoming election on Nov. 3 will be extremely important in regard to preserving over 240 years of our constitution and democracy

Over the past four years we have seen the current U.S. president use his power to obstruct justice. Use foreign powers to interfere in our election and is responsible for the deaths of close to 180,000 Americans. I say this because it could have been controlled early with advice from health professionals. He called it a hoax and now it is out of control.

He says the economy is great and the stock market is great. People who work for a living have lost their jobs and won’t get them back. Not everybody has money to invest in the stock market.

He says he plans to make the payroll tax [elimination] permanent if he wins. If he does that, Social Security will dry up by 2023. Those jobs that were lost in the pandemic will not come back.

This election is not Republican versus Democrat. It is authoritarianism versus democracy. Donald Trump is a threat to freedom and democracy. This is why I am supporting Joe Biden for president.

Joe Biden is a man of character,morals and empathy Trump has none of that. Actually the total opposite.

Elise Stefanik is his enabler and I will also support Tedra Cobb for Congress in NY-21.

I hope the Voters of Fulton County can think outside the box and break from those who can’t see the danger coming.




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