Stefanik accepts all of Trump’s policies

Rep. Stefanik correctly encourages us to thank all the people in the North Country who have gone above and beyond to get us through the threat of COVID-19, ie., healthcare workers, doctors, farmers, truck drivers, and teachers to name a few.

What she neglects to say loud and clear is that:

COVID-19 is not a hoax.

Wearing a mask is about containment for all, not politics.

Now is not the time to kill the Affordable Healthcare Act with no plan to replace (which she has voted to do).

Trumps suggestion of injecting bleach as an experiment is dangerous.

Calling COVID-19 the “China virus” does not excuse the inaction of the federal government, which has cost us more U.S. lives than if a competent, timely response had been put into action.

In May of 2018 Trump disbanded the Global Health Security and Bio Defense Unit — merging some into other units, and not replacing its head, Timothy Ziemer, when he left the administration.

Silence and diversion seems to be the party line and Stefanik is fitting in nicely as a career politician.

In my opinion these are all important public health issues and the reasons I will vote for Tedra Cobb to replace Stefanik in NY21.




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