Power is greed — quit thinking about just yourself

The media seems to be mixed up as far as the role it should be playing in today’s politics. Instead of showing that Congress can work together when they passed the bill on our national parks, the Leader only mentioned Elise Stefanik’s support and not our senators. The Democrats and Republicans have both been working on this for years. The TV news only mentioned the senators. They did the same sort of thing with the money that went to community colleges in the area. These bills were part of the work Congress is supposed to be doing. It is the job of our elected officials to make sure we get our fair share of money from the government. They were only doing their job. In an election year it is important for the news media to remain neutral in their reporting. The news media gives enough free publicity to people by the way they cover the news.

Speaking of power/greed I have to agree with the letter Mr. Sagan had in the paper. The water board and city government should not be fighting about anything. Your employer is the one that issues your W2 form, period. The water department should be concerned with keeping our city water supply safe and available. Making out whatever forms are required should be done promptly and without complaint. The same goes for our fire department. They took over the ambulance service instead of looking for ways to combine such services and now can’t file the required paper work. It seems like they wanted the glory and not the work.

In this pandemic there have been many people stepping up to help others in need and show what can be done if we treat people fairly and with compassion. Why do our elected officials and people in power feel they must treat people poorly? It is time everyone stopped thinking of themselves only and started thinking about what is good for the country. Fill out your census and register to vote. Remember that old saying “use it or lose it.”




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