Our country is at a turning point in terms of police protection

What a dangerously stupid notion. You might as well, “Cry ‘Havoc,’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War!,” for that is certainly what would happen if the police were “defunded.” In such a disorganized and dangerous world, civilization itself would soon follow the police authorities — into oblivion.

At this juncture, I need to make an important point: This is not about George Floyd, nor his family and friends, nor those who have come together in anger, sorrow, and solidarity with those who knew George personally. Nor those who choose to protest strenuously but peaceably!

What this is about are the throwers-of-Molotov-cocktails, the anarchists, the insurrectionists, and other assorted terrorists.

I’m talking about the self-righteous barbarians who have been going around blithely torching businesses large and small, defacing or destroying important landmarks, religious buildings, and anything else that can be defaced or burned. Often done in Floyd’s name, the barbarians, in truth, do not give a damn about George Floyd. What they really want is radical change, possibly some form of alternative “government” — one that is conducive to their own advancement. Or better still a state of perpetual anarchy to replace the prevailing peace and tranquility. As I said, I suspect that some of these uncouth barbarians harbor dreams of becoming authority figures in a “brave” new world. God forbid.

Obviously, the police are a vital bulwark against civil unrest and all manner of criminal activity. A case that comes to mind arose in September 2009; it involved a group of terrorists led by a man named Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan-American citizen with militant Islamic leanings. He and his small band sought to bring death and destruction to New York City subways. An NYPD/FBI joint task force thwarted the plot and arrested the individuals involved. Now I ask you, how could a “defunded” NYPD have been at all helpful in spoiling Zazi’s plans? (Yes, it’s a rhetorical question. I also admit to having strayed slightly from my stated purpose, but then I needed an extreme example of lawlessness to show how important the police really are.)

Now, who are the barbarians? They are in groups like Antifa, who place themselves at the forefront of unrest, wherever it may appear. Antifa members are cowards, covering their faces with black masks to avoid identification. These self-appointed, wanna-be ninjas gang up on defenseless targets, whom they attack like wolves: four or five Antifa members mugging each victim, and each victim is an individual who doesn’t buy the barbarians’ nihilistic bulls*** “philosophy.”

The latest barbarian fad is to destroy or deface statues supposedly representing “evil” Americans. What a load of priggish crap! In their impatience and reckless carelessness, Antifa (and followers) display a woeful ignorance of American history. How else could you explain the defilement of Matthias Baldwin’s statue in Philadelphia? Baldwin was a noted abolitionist. Go figure!

Having written about the miscreants’ activities and goals, I turn now to a brief appraisal of the police authorities. And in doing so, I will bring the discussion to the local level by mentioning the Gloversville Police Department.

I moved from Montclair, N.J. to Gloversville in 2002 — the cost of living in the tri-state area having become too costly for my wallet. However, having lived in Montclair for 44 years, I had ample time to familiarize myself with the town’s affairs.

It’s a very wealthy town and can afford the best in police protection.

I suspected that Gloversville would not be able to live up to Montclair’s example. I could not have been more wrong. I have found that, as with Montclair’s police force, the local constabulary is well-trained, with its officers exhibiting courteousness, professionalism, and intelligence. However, if you are drunk and obnoxious, or combative as some people are, you might not witness the courteous side of the officers.

Thumbs up then for the Gloversville police! But let’s go one better: Local residents and businesses might donate funds to provide our police with body-cams. Such a plan would benefit almost everyone.

Meanwhile, our country is at a turning point; what we do today will determine our children’s tomorrow — for better or for worse.




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