Elise Stefanik is not speaking out about voter suppression

Dear Readers,

We are all rightfully proud of our family members and ancestors who served in the world wars, or in Korea or Vietnam. They fought to protect democracy abroad and they fought to make sure democracy remained protected here at home.

But democracy here at home has never been under more serious threat. And protecting it falls to us.

We have a president who is actively doing all he can to suppress the vote and is encouraging foreign meddling in its outcome. Our representative, Elise Stefanik, is not speaking out against this. Democracy is at stake, and that’s okay with her. I want someone in Congress representing me and my outrage in Washington. I want someone who stands for what our fathers and grandfathers stood for when they put their lives on the line for democracy. I am voting for Tedra Cobb.

Vote this November and plan how. I just went into remission from cancer. My immune system isn’t what it was. I have filled out my registration and handed in my request for absentee ballot at the Fulton County Board of Elections, which is behind the sheriff’s office on Route 67 near the Y. Donate starting now. And volunteer any way you can. This truly is an “all hands on deck moment.” Please don’t underestimate what is at stake.




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