Cobb’s accomplishments have been well documented

It is crystal clear that you and your recent fact-free letter criticizing people for “attacking” Elise Stefanik suffer from severe, intellectual and civic malnutrition. Nourish your intellect.

Do your homework, Mr. Stead, because the “half dozen or so, (your tally is off), people penning the letters” have done theirs.

The specifics of who Tedra Cobb is, what she has accomplished and what she stands for have been documented in the public domain in bold, specific language, long before Cobb decided to first run against Stefanik in 2018. Healthcare continues to be the number one concern in NY 21.

If you want to know who Elise Stefanik really is, see how she voted on Healthcare and other vital issues by going to: https://www.healthreformvotes.org (and/or) congress/412648.

In terms of steering clear of the “far right ditch,” when Representative Elise Stefanik made that trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, she verified to NY 21 exactly where she stands.




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