Cobb better choice than Stefanik for NY-21

In Jon Stead’s recent letter to the editor, he criticized the recurring letters to The Leader-Herald from the “same half-dozen or so people penning letters attacking Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.” While I do not believe I have been critical of Ms. Stefanik, I share the legitimate concerns the authors of these letters have voiced. In recent years I have become increasingly disenchanted with many of our “elected-for-life” politicians and appointed politicos.

If past policies and legislation are indicators of the future, then under our current leadership, or lack thereof, I fear we could become the epicenter of a ravaging pandemic, and we will continue the downward spiral of fiscal and budgetary problems on local, state, and federal levels if corrective steps are not taken soon.

We need fresh ideas from energetic, selfless public servants, especially in the healthcare area. Additionally, the time for term limits has come. Let’s get government working for us again before it’s too late. Make NY-21 Great Again! Vote along with me for Tedra Cobb.




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