Why I plan to vote against the GJSD budget

I plan to vote against the Greater Johnstown School District budget for several reasons.

There has been no meaningful explanation as to what happened to all the savings that were realized due to the March 2020, COVID-19 school shutdown. Surely there must have been meaningful savings in transportation and utilities costs. There also had to be savings in the postponement and cancellation of the sports activities from mid-March until the end of the school year. How much was saved and where is it?

The “experts” predict a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall/winter of 2020/2021. Why not consider, in an abundance of caution, to not schedule any athletics until at least the fall of 2021. With no 2020/2021 sports schedule, there would not be the possibility/probability of canceling a sport mid-season as happened last year I am not saying no sports, just no inter-school sports until there is a proven effective vaccine and treatment for the coronavirus. There could be what was called inter-mural sports, unless cancelled by the state, at a fraction of the costs.

More consideration should be given to class sharing with other nearby school districts to eliminate the duplication of the teaching of elective subjects.

Adjust the budget proposal accordingly and then submit it to the taxpayers.

Let’s keep our children and grandchildren safe and also live within the taxpayers means.




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