We need solutions to bring us closer together as a country

As a former county district attorney, a former Superior Court judge and the current sheriff of Fulton County, I believe we are at a critical juncture in this country. The divide between certain segments of society and law enforcement is wider and deeper than it has ever been in our history.

We need solutions which bring us closer together as a country, not further divides us as a people. Public safety is the first responsibility of government and our leaders. All of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mean nothing if people do not feel safe in their communities, in their homes or if they fear for the safety of their children in our schools.

I highly support the recommendations of President Trump’s Commission on Law Enforcement. We need a multi-faceted approach. The Commission has reached that balance by targeting crime, making our communities safer and supporting law enforcement.

The Project Safe Neighborhoods Program together with the National Public Safety Partnership will allow local communities to create individualized plans of action to improve safety for all in their own communities. The Public Safety Partnership will allow federal, state and local agencies to work together in combating violent crime.

The United States attorney general has been tasked with developing a strategy to aggressively prosecute individuals who attack law enforcement officers. The attorney general will also review grant programs to insure that priority is given to agencies that meet national training standards prior to award of funds. This will encourage police agencies to approve training and implement best practices.

Despite the constant attacks on law enforcement going on in the United States today, we in law enforcement will continue to protect and serve, even those who wish us harm or would do harm to us.


Fulton County Sheriff


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