Vote ‘yes’ tomorrow on the school budget

The recent school budget vote in Johnstown was yes — 1,526 votes and no — 1,137 votes. Apparently the quiet majority — people who previously didn’t care to vote — came to life and it resulted in just missing the 60 percent of the votes needed to pass the budget.

The closeness of the voting and a few other things made school officials opt for a re-vote. An out-of-town newspaper chastised our people for setting up this re-vote in an editorial on July 7. I understand that the newspaper never called our interim superintendent before publishing this on its popular editorial or opinion page. This is like putting the cart before the horse. Later on July 17, this paper did publish an excellent story on this subject and did interview our officials. I haven’t seen any change on that paper’s original comments yet.

I did send a letter to the editor to that paper but it hasn’t been published as yet.

Let’s all get out and vote “yes” on July 28, and keep our children in the fine school setting that their parents and grandparents enjoyed. Maybe we can unseat the no voters from their 60 percent pillows that they have been sitting on for three years now.




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