Stefanik doesn’t care about our health care

As we all know Representative Stefanik’s position on health care which is to do nothing except repeal and cut. We can look forward to her next endeavor, cutting back Medicare and Social Security.

Yes, that’s right as the excess spending the Congress has been doing on the COVID-19 emergency. Spending to “bail out” large corporations. The bill will soon be here. Coupled with the 2017 corporation tax cut bill. Spending will have to cut. My guess Medicare and Social Security.

Since our political “climber” Stefanik will most likely be spending her last term as our congresswoman I am sure she will have no trouble selling out her older contingency in New York 21.

When I asked Ms. Stefanik’s office about plans to expand Medicare to include dental, the answer was if you can show us how to do that without increasing taxes, we would be glad to. Interpretation, we have no plans to expand Medicare.

So I urge you to either put pressure on Ms. Stefanik or not to send her back to Washington.




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