Please lead by good example Rep. Stefanik

On Saturday evening, June 20, I watched the Trump re-election campaign kick-off rally in Tulsa, Okla., with great interest. The planned rally in a 19,000 indoor seat stadium during a pandemic in a state with a record number of COVID-19 cases, without mandatory social distancing and protective measures, had been the subject of much controversy, including a Friday Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling on its legality.

As the TV cameras panned the stadium, I was shocked to see people packed shoulder-to-shoulder, yelling and cheering with no masks. Masks were provided upon entry to the stadium, but very few people were wearing them. Later in the rally, President Trump acknowledged/thanked politicians in the crowd. I was stunned when he said, “thank you Rep. Elise Stefanik…” (NY Congressional District 21) as the camera focused on a maskless, smiling, hand waving Elise, in a densely packed crowd of cheering people. This is in stark contrast to the political propaganda mailed to my home recently from Harvard-educated Ms. Stefanik with a picture of her in a mask and gloves handing out food to people in need.

Ms. Stefanik, I sincerely hope you do not catch “the virus” after attending an indoor rally in a U.S. virus hot spot with no mask or social distancing in a packed crowd of screaming Trumpers. I hope people watching do not mimic your extremely risky behavior.

I also hope you did not decide to sip a little disinfectant or pop some Hydroxychloroquine pills on your plane trip home. Will you quarantine for 14 days at home to protect your constituents?

Ms. Stefanik, I implore you to please show us science-based leadership during this out of control COVID-19 pandemic. As my representative in Congress I am depending on you to always “do the right thing” and “lead by good example.”




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