Number one care appreciated at Ellis Hospital

Number one care appreciated at Ellis Hospital

My stay at Ellis Hospital started on June 5, and I was discharged on June 13. I was operated in the morning of June 8 — open heart surgery, quadruple bypass. I had experienced several heart attacks before the surgery unbelieveable — two of them were major ones “wow.” Dr. Chaumarov performed the operation. A great doctor and a great team. I was lucky to have them. Thank God. I was in great hands and I knew it. Thank the Lord for that. After the operation my stay at Ellis Hospital was incredible. From the ground floor up, everyone was just great. The food service, cleaning department, all the technicians that were involved and all the doctors and nurses — they were top notch. They were very, very professional. We are very fortunate to have this hospital and thank God that we do. May God bless all the people involved in my stay and recovery at Ellis Hospital and may God keep them safe and healthy. You are in my prayers at all times. I am greatful and thankful and will always appreciate everything that was done for me. Love all of you from the bottom of my heart.




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