It’s time to decide what we want for Johnstown

It’s time to decide what we want for Johnstown

It’s time for the citizens of Johnstown to decide whether they want a vibrant, upbeat community or whether they simply want to be left alone so they can watch the town slowly sink in the west. The one thing that everybody for 100 miles around knows is that Johnstown is the city that can’t pass a school budget with any money for athletics or the arts. Go to anyplace in the Capital District, tell them you’re from Johnstown, and without fail you get — “oh yes, that’s where there is no funding for sports, etc.” Some notoriety. This situation is no longer one where we can say — “oh well” and then reach for the TV remote.

A school system is the life blood of a community. The kids are what keep a place alive. Taxpayers provided these activities for us in ‘our day’ and now it is high time we did the same for today’s students. We need to pass this budget now — and the next one — and the next one — and the next one — if it is your wish to have Johnstown continue to thrive. If this vote fails, then the school system fails, the city fails, and Johnstown simply becomes another place which people go through on their way to someplace else.




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