It is in our hands to mold the future of our country

Donald Trump will be defeated this November. He will be defeated because America, and what it stands for, is better than Donald Trump.

America was founded by risk takers and we still celebrate risk taking. We took a risk on Donald Trump in 2016. We took that risk in part due to distrust and dislike for his opponent. We also took that risk because Trump sold himself as a self-made success story and promised that we’d get “sick and tired of all the winning.” Three and a half years into the Trump presidency no one is tired of winning. Trump did not bring on a global pandemic or the recent racial unrest but he has utterly failed to understand and respond effectively to either of them.

Beyond effectiveness, Trump has failed us because he fails to represent our values, especially the value of equality. Honesty, another core American value, requires us to admit that achieving equality has been a long and difficult challenge. It is an unpleasant truth that discrimination and racism have been present in this land since before it was a nation. Much progress has been made, including in recent weeks, but there is much work yet to be done.

By no means were all Trump supporters driven by racism, but people harboring racist views were among the first and most loyal supporters of Donald Trump. He would not have won without them and he has not done one thing to distance himself from them. I’d like to think that this is obvious to anyone paying attention. One person who at least pretends to be blind to it is our representative, Elise Stefanik. It’s a sad commentary on her performance that, the more obvious Trump’s failings have become, the more she has attached herself to his presidency. Well, as the old saying goes: “You made your bed, now lie in it.”

On July 4th, we celebrate the 244th birthday of our exceptional American experiment. The problem with “Make American Great Again’ is this: The greatest America is not behind us. It is ahead of us. And it’s in our hands to make it happen.




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