I won’t vote for someone who supports mask ignorance

I’ve always wondered about people who want to kill off their supporters. For instance, I know of three people who have died of heroin overdose when taking heroin laced with something else. Why would a pusher want to kill off his customers?

Currently, Donald Trump is holding rallies, masks optional, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most people are not wearing them, in spite of being in a crowd. I wonder, why are masks not mandatory? Why would he want his supporters to catch this virus, and possibly die, not to mention spreading it to others? This is extremely irresponsible and shortsighted. As a Republican, I receive many e-mail invites to his rallies, and I feel like he’s gunning for me. I certainly would not vote for someone who seems to be out to get me. Nor would I vote for anyone who supports this ignorance and carelessness.




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