Elect someone who will truly represent our district

New York 21 deserves mature, clear-headed, compassionate leadership that is not a hostage to vagaries of party loyalty or personal ambition. New York 21 deserves a representative familiar with the needs of the people and environment of this district. New York 21 deserves Tedra Cobb. As a 30-year local resident, Cobb is intimately familiar with this district.

Cobb knows that her constituents need affordable, accessible healthcare; lower prescription drug costs; and social programs like Medicare and Social Security. Supporting social programs does not equate with socialism, but shows a compassionate approach to policy making. A civilized society cares for its people — all of them. All social programs are being threatened by Republicans to pay for their tax cuts for American oligarchs and corporations.

Cobb’s position on environmental protection is in direct opposition to Republicans who are systematically rolling back environmental progress by weakening regulations that protect both the environment and citizenry from corporate irresponsibility. Yet again, Adirondack air, forests, streams and citizens suffer from pollution generated at mid-west coal burning power plants.

Elect someone who will truly represent our district. Elect Tedra Cobb, who actually lives here and whose interests are our interests.




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