A longer sentence for my wife and others in nursing homes

A longer sentence at nursing home. Me and the wife were hoping to be able to visit at the homes.

My wife spends most of the day in her room at the Gloversville nursing home with the door shut. The room is so small it is impossible to maneuver her wheelchair in there between her bed and wall. It is impossble to change channels on TV. The workers bring her her coffee in the morning then shut the door again. She does get some exercise at therapy, then is taken back to her room.

My wife needs special help from the workers and a lift to get to the bathroom. Sometimes when she turns her light on she lays in bed waiting to be cleaned for hours sometimes to 10 a.m. in the morning before workers can get there because they are so short for help. One day they forgot to bring her supper. This is only part of the problem here and other patients face there.

I have yet to see the staff that works there to demonstrate for better conditions and pay for the workers and cleaners that have keep my wife safe.

My wife and I, [and] other patients worry they will be sentenced to a longer term in those conditions because the staff will not demonstrate and the hospital about these conditions to the governor and public. Also the people party and won’t comply this has caused my wife to a longer sentence there with no visitors.




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