What’s going on in the nursing homes?

My name is Lewis Page Sr. My wife, Melva, has been a patient in a local nursing home in Gloversville since Dec. 19. I visited her almost every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. before we were stopped. I am very upset at what has been going on there. For instance, they were short on workers before the coronavirus due to the lack of protective gear and only making $11 an hour. I believe this caused the care to my wife to be significantly compromised. As a result, her health has declined, in my view. I worry about her being neglected due to a lack of staff.

Now I am told the residents are confined to their small rooms with little to no exercise, no visitors and basically nothing to do.

Why didn’t staff order more protective gear before this virus?

I will point out to you another example of what the staff is doing there. I finally was allowed a hearing to state my views on what was going on there by the staff.

I was very nervous, and every time I tried to speak, I was interrupted. There were four or five staff there, one told me not to point my finger at her. I tried to talk again and was interrupted. Three more times they told me if I didn’t like it there, I could transfer my wife some place else. I asked a staff member if she was writing the meeting down because she wasn’t writing anything down that I said. I said there is no sense in having a meeting like this and my wife and I left. In my opinion it was a joke.

I have a witness to some of what I have written. I swear what I wrote is true. There is a lot more things that I witnessed. It’s critical to get new staff people.




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