What about the secondary casualties?

Everyone talks how many test positive and how many died from COVID-19. You know what people are not talking about? They hardly mention the “secondary casualties”.

What are the “secondary casualties” of COVID-19? Those are the people suffering and dying because we cannot diagnose and treat them properly due to the virus. These are the people that in another time and in another place would get the appropriate treatment for their disease, ailment, symptoms.

Think about the man with chest pain who does not seek intervention because he fears if he goes to the hospital he will get COVID-19 but then dies when he could have been saved with a bypass or stent? How about the stroke victim that we cannot treat and monitor aggressively because our resources are strapped? Or the new mom who is positive while her son is whisked away to the NICU. WHEN can they bond? How about the girl whose bilateral knee replacements had to be put on hold because it is considered “elective” and she must continue to suffer in pain?

What do you say to the nursing home resident who cannot leave their bedroom or socialize with their bff, another resident? And this resident gets more and more depressed because they cannot have face to face family visits. Their physical health declines because their mental health declines.

Do you know, or are you one, of the millions of secondary victims because you are a Healthcare worker and you see these casualties every day yet are helpless? Are you one of these people who is caught in the middle of doing what is right, doing what you need to do, and wishing you could do more? You too are a secondary casualty.

Have you thought about these secondary victims? Are you one of these secondary victims? When I hear people complain about someone stomping on their rights as Americans or people upset that their go to professional service remains closed, ya know what? I don’t care. Whether you believe it or not, whether you think you are affected or not, we are all in this together and people are suffering and dying as either a primary or secondary casualty.

I put my big girl pants on. I will do what is best and what needs to be done to keep others safe and to relieve the suffering. I am there to support my family, friends, Residents, and co-workers. Now pipe down and please be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.





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